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Get quick payment for your old unwanted stuff

Send us your old things, and get a cash offer for the lot!

Insured up to £1,000

Free collection

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What we buy

Declutter your home and make some cash in 5 easy steps.

All post and packaging insured up to £1,000
Additional insurance available



Costume Jewellery

Diamonds and Stones



Watches and Pocket Watches


Lighters, Pipes and Smoking Equipment

Medals and Militaria

Currency - Coins and Notes

Old Toys


Writing Equipment

Pen Knives

Pewter and Silver Plate

Vintage Signs

Vintage TV and Movie Stuff

Motoring and Automobillia


Cutlery and Homeware

Sunglasses and Handbags

Brass and Bronze

Search by Brand

All post and packaging insured up to £1,000
Additional insurance available

How It Works

5 easy steps to declutter your home.

1. Order your free postage pack & brochure

2. Fill any box or bag

3. Post it or have it collected for free

4. Receive your offer straight away

5. Accept our offer and same day payment or get all items back to you free of charge

Ready to clear out your old stuff and cash in?

You can't lose

Accept your cash offer or we send your things back for free.

Quick and easy to do

Simply clear out and cash in.

100% free service

We cover postage and returns costs.


Frequently asked questions

No, unfortunately, this isn’t possible.

The value of an item is very dependent on quality, condition, age and demand. We must see it in person.

We return your items free of charge if you are not satisfied with your offer, so you have nothing to lose by sending them in.

A vintage advisor will call you with your offer. You’ll get an explanation of the offer and an opportunity to ask any questions. If we are unable to reach you, we send an email and SMS message for you to get in touch with us.
We’d always advise checking with us first as it may not be something we have an expert in.

Our team of experts will appraise your box within 3 working days of it arriving

Once we have your offer ready you’ll then get a call from our friendly buying team.

As we’re a no obligation service you’re welcome to decline any offer made should it not meet your expectations. If you decline your offer, we will return your whole parcel of items at no cost to yourself.